Bicycles have always been a part of my life starting with riding on the top tube of my grandpa's Schwinn.  Since then, I have either been racing, mountain biking, commuting or simply taking tandem trips to the coast.  Although I enjoy all types of cycling, cyclocross and gravel riding continue to be my personal favorites and my favorite frames to craft. 

After working in several bike shops, completing UBI coursework and attending the Specialized BG fit school, I realized that my passion for bicycles revolves around the way the frame fits the rider and how the frame design affects the ride and performance of a bike.

I build every frame by hand to meet rider and terrain specific conditions by using specific tube sets and personalized frame geometry. After thorough communication regarding your cycling goals and intentions, I take this information along with your body dimensions and proportions and create a CAD drawing of your frame. We will then review this together for your final approval.